Our solutions are out of the box ready and with extremely agile structure, all of them together they represent an overall eco system.

Our solutions

How it works

Structured workflow for automatic routing of business processes
Support multi-tier rate structure
Support different origination channels
Generate letters and forms automatically
Support different loan products and loan types
Application details and status enquiry
Loan type parameters and constraints definition
Document imaging and archiving
Interface to external systems, including core banking
Support the entire sales process in benches
Provides 360-degree view over customer data in simplified way
Provides sales personnel guide lines
Provide internal credit checking, credit scoring and debt burden calculation

Our Application Processing System

is one of the most essential features in our overall solutions. Each loan application is monitored from the time it is entered into the system, and tracked through the various work steps of credit review, approval process and (auto) decision making. The system allows these work steps to be performed in different locations while maintaining control of the flow and making sure no required steps are being missed.

Our solutions can support the
busines processes (workflows) related to:

Leasing products
Operational lease
Financial lease
Lending products
Credit cards
Consumer loans
Mortgage loans
SME loans
Logistics operations
Warehouse identifications
On-the-road follow-up
Auto insurance
Home insurance
Life insurance
Specific and rare types insurance
Banking operations workflows
Terms changes
Partial & Early Prepayment
Credit limit increase/decrease
Customer Relationship Management
Anti-Attrition tool

Existing Data Retrieval

Our systems can interface existing (core) systems to retrieve information either in real time or via batch approach and to be performed auto population of data. Information updated also can be uploaded to the back- end system later on.

Credit Scoring

The use of credit scoring is a more systematic approach to make approval decision and is now generally adopted as the preferred credit granting approach. The credit scoring mechanism automatically calculates the score of an application based on the information entered and the score card used. Score card parameters can easily be changed with the built-in score card maintenance interface. Multiple score cards for different loan types are supported in our solutions.

Print-out Forms

Print-out forms are generated easily. automatically upon completion of certain task. Our solutions can integrate application data with pre-defined templates to generate and print contracts or any kind of forms without human intervention.


There is a set of comprehensive reports provided within the systems. It includes MIS reports, progress reports, drawdown reports, workflow statistics reports etc. Moreover, our solutions can offer field reporting universe, allowing combination of all existing fields to be performed by the end user without administrators support, as well as data export in different file formats.

Document storage

With our solutions, paper documents can be scanned into the system once they are received. Then the electronic images are available and can be shared by all users immediately. All processing including verification, review and approval can be done with these electronic images displayed side by side with the application record on screen. This eliminates the delay in paper folder routing which is always the bottleneck in the application processing. Electronic folders, similar to paper folders, will be created for each individual application to hold images of all the forms and the supporting documents.

Status Enquiries

Our solutions provide advanced search criteria to allow users to making any kind of enquiries. In status enquiry, our systems can provide information on which work step where the application is situated at the moment. This is particular useful for customer service needs to handle enquiry from the customer. In addition, there is a work history associated with each application. It records down all the activities done on the application starting from when an application first enters the workflow till processing completes.

Agile Interfacing

Our systems are able to interface with any kind of system and on top of that not only to retrieve data, as well as to write data.